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What is really holding you back from achieving your dreams?

Let me help you with that.

What We Offer Individuals

We help professionals to senior leaders get a role that you enjoy and reach financial freedom 3x faster, negotiating increases between 25-50+%.

What We Offer Businesses

We help organizations create great cultures where employees thrive and business grows. Leaders learn how to empower employees so together teams deliver on critical goals without burning out. Organizations get a real ROI by our holistic approach!

We make our client’s life better

Get unstuck and gain clarity

Coached on what is really holding you back from achieving your dreams

Business growth

Higher retention and employee engagement

Faster Financial Freedom

Paid more through negotiating based on facts/data

Step by Step easy process all in 1 place, saving you valuable time

ROI on their investment quicker

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We went over every aspect of the job hunt-from deciding what positions to apply to all the way to negotiations. Cindy broke things down very well and I’ve never felt more confident going into an interview. I was able to secure a new role with a 56% increase in salary. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to change roles!

Trevor S.

Overall, Cindy has been an amazing coach. When we first spoke, I felt very behind because I didn’t even have a resume. Soon, I had an offer for a job that met all my criteria and was 25% more in salary! Cindy helped me through every phase of my job search & provided me with tools to positively change my thought processes as I start my new career!

Dani S.

I highly recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to find happiness in their career. I spent 20+ years in Tech and never thought to ask for help. I went from being underpaid for my skills & experience to 35% pay increase 8 great benefits. Her coaching has made a tremendous positive change in my life!

John G.

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