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Welcome to Enjoy Work Coaching!

We help individuals and organizations Enjoy Work More. We’re passionate about creating a positive culture and environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.
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Services for Business

Training and Development

Leadership/ Executive Coaching

Training and Development

We work with businesses and organizations to develop great cultures, so everyone enjoys work.

We offer customized training to unlock your staff’s potential. Let’s embark on a transformational journey that prepares your team and business for growth.

We specialize in leadership and staff development

  • We customize our training for your organization.
  • We include free follow-up sessions after training with all participants to discuss how they’re progressing.
  • We offer 1:1 coaching to further their development at an additional fee.
  • This holistic approach results in real transformation and ensures a better ROI.
  • Leaders become champions for their team, driving exceptional performance while fostering a positive workplace culture.
  • Participants commit to change, and develop a growth mindset.
  • Leaders improve EQ, delegation, influencing and collaboration skills.
  • Equip all employees with essential skills and knowledge like time management, great teamwork and appreciating diversity.
  • Work life success and stress management to avoid burnout

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Leadership / Executive Coaching

We offer leadership/ executive coaching services to organizations so they can further develop their staff’s leadership skills through 1 on 1, private coaching. Organizations purchase packages of sessions at a reduced cost and offer them to key staff on an as needed basis. This coaching provides leaders an opportunity to drill down into their specific roadblocks and goals, so they become great leaders driving success and growth.

What makes our coaching unique?

  • Our trainers are the coaches and know how to build great relationships with your team.
  • All our coaches are certified and bring a wealth of experience in their fields.
  • We have a proven track record and  25+ years of developing great leaders!

Major Clients We Have Helped!

Services for Individuals

Mid – Senior Professionals

If you’re grappling with feelings of being stuck, undervalued, or overworked, we’re here to guide you so you find a role you enjoy and more financial freedom!

Unleash your potential and learn how to sell your value. Our clients achieve on average 40-45% more in salary with our proven, step-by-step strategy roadmap.

Embark on the path to success by finding out more in our free consult call.

Career Coaching Reviews

John G.

“Cindy is an amazing Career Coach and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to find happiness in their career. I spent over 20 years in the IT industry and held several jobs but never thought to ask for help along the way. I am so glad I found Cindy when I did. She is heavily responsible for helping me go from being underpaid for my skills and experience to getting above-average compensation and benefits. I cannot thank her enough for her help – it has made a tremendous positive change in my life!”

Thomas E.

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Cindy as my HR partner for many years, and it was an easy decision for me to engage her as my coach during my job search. Cindy’s guidance was instrumental in helping me structure my approach to finding a new job. She skillfully helped me identify the key criteria that were most important to me, held me accountable throughout the entire process, and provided motivation during challenging times. This journey was not without its challenges, but having Cindy by my side was a game-changer. The ultimate reward was finding a new challenge that perfectly aligned with all of my important criteria.”

Trevor S.

“I cannot recommend Cindy enough! During my several months of working with her we went over every aspect of the job hunt- from deciding what positions to apply to all the way to negotiation. Cindy broke things down and explained things very well and in ways I’ve never thought of before. I’ve never felt more confident going into an interview. Working with Cindy I was able to secure a job that resulted in a 56% increase in my salary.

Young Professional Program (YPP)

Launch yourself on the path to financial independence with our Young Professional Program!

This small group coaching program is designed to give you everything you need to secure your first great role or take your new career to the next level!

Broken into 3 main phases, this 10 week program includes weekly group coaching, and 2, private sessions so you become confident, overcome anxiety and achieve the career of your dreams!

Reviews from Young Professionals


“Working with Cindy has been an absolute pleasure. I have learned so much about myself and my future career. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone looking to pursue a career in what they enjoy. She does a fantastic job in regards to guidance on what to do with your career. At one point, I felt very lost in what I wanted to do with my career as I am a young professional getting ready to graduate in a year. I learned what I enjoy and what to make a career of in my life. Truly an amazing experience! I 110% recommend it!”


“I would recommend Cindy to anybody who is considering a career coach! In my case, Cindy coached me through the final semester of my bachelor’s degree. When I first spoke with Cindy, I felt very behind because I didn’t even have a current resume yet, and I was graduating in just a few months. By graduation, I had an offer for a job that met all criteria I was looking for.
Not only did Cindy help me in my job search, she provided me with tools to positively change my thought processes as I start my career. Overall, Cindy has been an amazing coach and helped me reach my goal – which I don’t think would have been possible without her help!”

One on One
Leadership Coaching

Unlock the leader in you and gain key skills so you can progress from supervising to the C-suite without burning out.
It’s time to elevate your leadership with a coach you can trust so you can reach your full potential and enjoy work more!
Your path to leadership excellence begins here.

Leadership Coaching Reviews

Jody A.

Cindy provided me with the confidence, tools and resources that I needed to help advance me to that next level of my career. As an HR professional, she will be a resource for future training and coaching needs for my company.”

Tyler B.

“Cindy and her Enjoy Work Coaching team are phenomenal. They were extremely supportive, helpful and knowledgeable in critical business area that were critical to me and my team during my growth. If Cindy and the EWC team has availability and capacity, don’t hesitate booking their services! You won’t regret it”