Young Professional Career Coaching Program

Cindy Arcuri

Enjoy Work Coaching


Small Group Coaching Program includes weekly Instruction with Q&A calls, weekly coaching sessions and two opportunities for individual, private coaching sessions.

Time Commitment Weekly: 1 hour Instruction with Q&A, 1-hour coaching session (optional) and 1-2 hours/week of individual work.

The program is broken into 3 main phases:

Phase 1: Getting clear on your goals

  • You will learn how to manage your anxiety and feel more confident in your job search so that you can achieve your goal and find a great professional role you will enjoy.

  • Identify “targeted” roles and set up job searches.

  • Learn how to do your own salary surveys and how to respond to questions on salary at every phase in the process.

  • Create your own budget for living independently (optional class).

Phase 2: Selling your value

  • Develop your HERO Stories.

  • Create a great resume.

  • Develop your LinkedIn profile to draw attention to you and stand out.

  • Get prepared for interviews and show up confident.

  • Set a goal for applications and receive our job application tracker.

  • Have access to drafts of common job search messages and emails, so you save time and look professional.

Phase 3: Setting you up for success

  • Learn the skill of networking effectively so you hear about openings early.

  • Identify what you need to be successful in your new role and how to ask for it.


Johsua K.

I cannot recommend this enough to anyone looking to pursue a career in what they enjoy. At one point, I felt very lost in what I wanted to do with my career as I am a young professional getting ready to graduate in a year. I decided to do the coaching opportunity, and I would do it over again every time. Truly an amazing experience! I 110% recommend it!

Dani S.

Overall, Cindy has been an amazing coach. When we first spoke, I felt very behind because I didn’t even have a resume. Soon, I had an offer, for a job that met all my criteria, and was 25% more in salary. Cindy helped me through every phase of my job search and provided me with the tools to positively change my thought processes as I start my new career!

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